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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bowers Speaks the Truth

Over at Open Left, our West Philly neighbor Chris Bowers layed down some potent truth this morning; he called ignorant voters to task. How many times have you seen some dolt in a focus group or in an article complaining that the candidates aren't being specific about their plans? It's one of my pet peeves, and I don't think it will ever stop.

It's a convenient answer for an uninformed voter who doesn't want to appear uninformed. Asked about Obama's energy policy? Don't know squat about Obama's energy policy? No problem! Just blame Obama for not being specific enough for your sophisticated self.

The only problem? You actually sound like a dolt who hasn't heard of the internet.

Seriously, in 2007 there is no good reason not to research the candidates on your own, online. All the candidates have detailed policies online that lay out their various plans with much greater specificity than anything they would ever be able to say in a debate. If there is an issue that is make or break for you, then you need to spend an hour or two and educate yourself.

Of course we can't all be experts, but most of the candidates plans are directed not at wonks, but at laymen, and certainly college students should be able to understand the specifics. Furthermore, go read what the wonks think!

The logical conclusion of my rant is that if you're asked about your opinion on something, political or not, and you aren't informed enough on the subject to really have an opinion, just say so. You look much better than if you fake it, or blame the candidate for not being detailed enough.

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