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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movie Screening: "No End In Sight"

On Sunday, December 2nd, at 6pm we will be showing "No End In Sight" in Stratton 113. There will be free pizza(!!!) and an informal discussion afterwords, and everyone is welcome.

"No End In Sight" is the winner of 2007 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award for Documentaries, and is widely acclaimed as a must-see documentary for anyone interested in understanding the Iraq war.

The event is being cosponsered by Dragon Stage & Screen and O.W.L.S in Chi Upsilon Sigma, the Organization of Women Looking for Sisterhood in Chi Upsilon Sigma, the national latino sorority. Campus Progress is also generously contributing to the event.

Click "There's more..." for more details and a trailer of the film.

Once again, the screening is:

Sunday December 2nd, 6pm in Stratton 113

Stratton 113 is the large lecture hall on the first floor of Stratton hall, which is connected to Disque hall, on 33rd and chestnut.

The website for "No End In Sight"
Reviews of the film are here.

The synopsis, from Wikipedia:
No End in Sight is a documentary film that concentrates on alleged mistakes made by the Bush administration in the two-to-three-month period following the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. The film portrays these errors as the cause of ensuing problems in Iraq, such as the rise of the insurgency, a lack of security and basic utilities for many Iraqis, sectarian violence and the risk of complete civil war.

To a large extent the film consists of interviews with the people who were involved in the initial Iraqi occupation authority and the ORHA (the Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance, later replaced by the CPA, the Coalition Provisional Authority). 35 people are interviewed, many of them former Bush loyalists who have since become disillusioned by what they experienced at the time. In particular, many of those interviewed claim that the inexperience of the core members of the Bush administration—and their refusal to seek, acknowledge or accept input from more experienced outsiders—was at the root of the disastrous occupation effort.
This event is open to all members of the general community and members of the public. We hope to see everyone there!
Once again, we would like to thank Campus Progess for their generous support. If you aren't familiar with them, you should be, they do great work helping progressive organizations on campus.