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Friday, November 09, 2007

Found! The Drexel College Republicans

I know many of us have been very worried about the loyal opposition here on campus, but I have good news today! The Drexel College Republicans are no longer missing. They even have a website, kind of. Now, go easy on them, because I don't think they're back to full strength yet. They need a few more members for their executive board, and I don't believe they're recognized yet, but they're on their way!

In the interest of bipartisanship, I'm sure that some of our members would be gracious enough to fill their executive board while they get back on their feet!

Go check out their website and say hi. Unfortunately, you need to have a blogger account to leave comments.

Click "There's more..." and we'll examine their website a little more.

So far they're having a little trouble keeping the website current. It has two posts, each older than a week. That's a little suprising, since I know that Mr. Mulgrew is a blog aficionado like myself. He used to post at, for, and now also for "Free Markets for a Free Philadelphia," It's tough keeping a blog current though, especially when no one reads it (I know how that feels!)

I'm actually hoping they get it up and running and stay current, and I mean that sincerely. I think it would be interesting to respond to each other back and forth about things, kind of open up a dialogue.

We use our website extensively for recruitment, educational, and promotional activities. If I could toot our own horn a little bit, we signed up 120+ students to volunteer for the debate on our website, and yesterday we hit an all time traffic high of 926 unique visitors. Dozens of Drexel students have joined our mailing list through the website. We're working on getting more of our members to post piecies on our website, and introducing blogs to the wider student body. I think as more students read blogs and follow politics, fewer will join the College Republicans!

So good luck and best wishes to our red-state colleagues! Here's to keeping your website more current than the last one.