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Friday, August 24, 2007

More Broken Promises from Republicans

So I was wondering if our dark side counterparts, the Drexel Republicans, have a website or a blog that I could check out, but all I could find was this old website. Alas, all of their officers seem to have graduated, their last meeting was in May(2002), and their next meeting is in October 2002, location TBA. I noticed a "Pictures" tab, and got really excited. I imagined a comedic treasure trove, with pictures of earnest looking young R's smiling and gladhanding state senators, next to pictures of those same young R's drinking champagne out of a boot and cursing brown people. I was hoping for this, but instead got this.

This section is under construction, will be back up soon.

Sigh. "Soon" would have been under 5 years. Just another broken promise from the GOP.

Of course, I know that there is, at least nominally, a College Repub group on campus, so if anyone knows if they have a website, please leave a comment.

Updated! Click "There's more..." for all the juicy details!

So from the comments, Bill gives us the DU College Repubs, hosted on the College Republican National Committee Website. As Bill points out, it's a pretty weak site: It's just an empty template. It features such gems as:
"The body paragraph is where the meat of the content item is. You can put pictures, charts, graphs, almost anything here. Explore with the editor to see how creative you can be. You can even put in smiley faces -[lame smiley omitted] - or an unsmiley one - [lame unsmiley omitted]."

The only actual content appear to be the footer, which lists the address of the DU repubs as "35XX Hamilton St. Apt 1F." Is that an office? I doubt it. I think I know whose address it is though.

So the search continues. Whoever finds a site with current content wins a pony. Leave your finds in the comments.

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