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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Odds, Ends, and Thanks!

As some of you know, this past weekend we sent 24 student volunteers out to Lower Merion on Saturday and Sunday to help GOTV for a few key local races. Well, I wanted to pass along to everyone that every single candidate we canvassed for won his or her race!

Furthermore, Mark Taylor, who we worked for on Saturday, won his race by 11 votes, 704 to 693. That's a very tight margin, and you volunteers should all feel very satisfied, because in a race this close, the hundreds of houses we went to can reasonably be said to have swung the election. You all made a real difference this weekend.

When you work for large, national campaigns, it's very tough to feel any impact of your work. This was different, and you should all feel proud!

Click "There's More..." for updates about last night's meeting if you missed it.

First, we voted to endorse Anne Dicker for state senate against Vince Fumo. We will put out a press release shortly.

The primary agenda item discussed last night at the meeting was our upcoming events. First, Sunday December 2nd we will be showing "No End In Sight," a Sundance award-winning documentary about the Iraq War. We are still waiting for confirmation on our venue, so once that's nailed down we'll start promoting it.

We also have some social events coming up. Anybody who is interested in going to see "Lions For Lambs" as a group, let us know, because we're putting that together. Also, we will have watch parties for the upcoming debates.

We are also working on putting together a panel/townhall discussion of the debate here at Drexel, so keep an eye out for that before the end of the term.

There are a few big events and speakers in the winter term that we're getting a head start on.

Finally, the Drexel College Republicans apparently have a website now. It's here.

Whose site is better? Let me know in the comments!