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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A noun, a verb, and 9/11

What a joke. Rudy 9ui11iani, who managed to make look Fred Fucking Thompson look like a viable canidate, is back on the warpath again, but he still only has the one trick. Fortunately, not even Republicans take Rudy seriously (I forget, did he manage to beat Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee in any of those primaries?) so I say bring it on. Let's have the McCain campaign make Rudy its public face for all things terrorist related. I'll outsource the rest of my indignant response to DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney.
"Democrats are not going to be lectured to on security by the mayor who failed to learn the lessons of the 1993 attacks, refused to prepare his own city’s first responders for the next attack, urged President Bush to put his corrupt crony in charge of our homeland security, and was too busy lobbying for his foreign clients to join the Iraq Study Group,” DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney said. “Rudy Giuliani, can echo the McCain campaign’s false and misleading attacks, but he can’t change the fact that John McCain is promising four more years of President Bush’s flawed and failed policies on everything from energy security and the economy to the war in Iraq."

(Via TPM, Atrios, and FirstRead)