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Saturday, December 08, 2007

College Republican Stormtroopers

Usually when college republicans are called stormtroopers it's by an angry liberal, not the College Republican National Committee. Usually.

Behold, in all it's ironically apt and historically ignorant glory, from the braintrust that brought us "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" and "Fun With Guns Day" (where students would shoot cardboard cutouts of prominent Democrats), the new initiative from the CRNC is STORM! Details are scarce, due in part to the new CRNC website which is apparently having some technical problems, but it seems to be a poor man's Facebook (or more appropriatly, a deranged young man's Facebook).

I guess if you sign up with your email address to "Experience the STORM" you're signed up to be a STORM-trooper? Maybe it's a rapid response tool to notify young brownshirts of suspected illegal aliens? Perhaps its a networking tool for oppressed students to ally and punish dangerous and subversive pinko professors? Maybe just a forum for eliminationist rhetoric?

Or maybe it's just a vague and poorly thought out rightwing version of the million other social networking sites, designed entirely to sucker trusting young republicans to submit their email addresses and sign up for a lifetime of Republican spam. I wouldn't know. I haven't experienced the STORM.

Yes, I am aware of Godwin's Law. I'm sure most College Republicans, despite their penchant for authoritarianism and rightwing reactionism, would be appalled at being compared to Nazis. I don't think it's fair to call them Nazis, but I would like to invite those offended at the comparison to take a good long look at their party.

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