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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meet the New Press

I watched Meet the Press this morning to see how Brian Williams would handle the format after Russert, but I couldn't watch the whole thing. Lindsey Graham is such a sniveling little twit that I had to turn it off. Although, kudos to Sen. Biden for his handling of the situation. I'm not a supporter of Biden for VP; I think that the AUMF vote has got to be a bright line for Obama's ticket. But Biden did what he does best, a clear headed attack dog if there ever was one.

Graham's whining about offshore drilling and public financing was as absurd as it was dishonest. Biden did an excellent job of pointing out that Obama has acheived public financing by reaching out to the public, while McCain is breaking campaign finance laws as we speak and is counting on nasty 527 ads to bolster his campaign; the same type of 527 ads that Obama has ordered not to air on his behalf.

Furthermore, Biden effectively (and repeatedly) rebuted Graham's appeals for more drilling by pointing out the long term nature of neew drilling (ten years before significant production comes in), the relatively small amount of new supply that would result from that drilling, and the fact that refinery capacity not crude supply is the rate limiting factor in our oil consumption.

Crooks&Liars has a short clip, but I couldn't stand watching the whole show. Arguments made in bad faith from hacks like Graham shake my confidence in government. Thank god for blogs.