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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"And That Man is Barack Obama"

John Edwards, former Senator from North Carolina and Presidential hopeful, endorsed Barack Obama for president this evening in Grand Rapids Michigan. Unknown tens of thousands of man-hours have been spent over the last five months pondering the impact of an Edwards endorsement for either Clinton or Obama, and though the conventional wisdom seemed to be that the moment had passed for it to be a watershed event, it still felt important tonight. I think it was Eugene Robinson I heard say on MSNBC that this was the period at the end of the sentence that was this primary.

The endorsement itself was pretty good; standard two America's into one, and highlighting the the cause that is eradicating poverty in this country. It was also very concilliatory towards Sen. Clinton. I've long been skeptical of Edwards, but he's impressed me quite a bit since he dropped his presidential bid.

John Edwards:
"The reason that I am here tonight is that the American people have made their choice, and so have I. There is one man who knows and understands that this is the time for bold leadership. There is one man that knows how to create the change, the lasting change, that you have to build from the ground up. There is one man who knows in his heart that it is time to create one America, not two, and that man is Barack Obama."
McCain's got a tough road ahead of him if Edwards and Clinton actually go out and campaign for Obama. Can you imagine having Edwards, Clinton, and Obama campaigning across this country for Obama? Who does McCain have? Romney or Huckabee? Giulianni? Bush and Cheney? He's toast.