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Sunday, May 11, 2008

You Should Read More Blogs

I've already introduced you guys to some of the more widely read bloggers that I read to stay on top of the intertube coversation, and so now I'd like to highlight some of the less widely known blogs. They may be less widely read than Kos or Atrios, but they're not internet backwaters either. The blogs I'm highlighting here each get thousands of hits daily, a large enough platform to propel stories into the wider blogosphere.

These blogs are worth reading because they feature an interesting an intelligent variety of voices on a range of subjects, and so without further ado, I present "blogs you should read part II."

  • Lawyers, Guns, and Money
    • A group blog with five distinguished authors, Lawyers Guns and Money (LG&M) unsurprisingly writes about liberal politics with an emphasis on the law, the military, and economics. The authors are a variety of academics and lawyers, and they're always good for an astute opinion. They also have a fan-favorite "Sunday Deposed Monarch Blogging" where they highlight an obscure deposed monarch for a lengthy (by blog standards, short otherwise) history. And don't miss anything they write about constitutional interpretation. Of course, the real reason that I love LG&M is the merciless manner that they dispatch with intellecually overmatched foes.
  • Pandagon
    • I've been reading Pandagon for about four years now, although I admit that I've been reading less lately because I've gotten sucked up in the day to day of the primary. Pandagon is a group blog, but my favorite author is Pam Spaulding, of Pam's House Blend, as she usually covers stories I'm interested in reading about. The focus is on sexism in society, both latent and explicit, LGBT rights issues, and the eroding church state divide in this country. Pandagon is on frontline of the culture war with the radical right.
  • OpenLeft
    • OpenLeft is a diary site like DailyKos or MyDD, and was started by Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller last year. Bowers and Stoller used to run MyDD, but they left and took most of the good stuff with them. OpenLeft is more of a movement site, focusing on winning elections and the minutia thereof. Bower's delegate counts and breakdowns of the nomination during the primary were must-reads. Dailykos gets an order of magnitude more traffic than OpenLeft, but if DailyKos is open mic night at Starbucks then OpenLeft is Carnegie Hall. My only criticism would be that the primary voices of OpenLeft, Stoller and Bowers, are being drowned by a growing chorus of other frontpagers. Many of them are very much worth reading as well though, so it's not much of a complaint.
Those three should keep you occupied for a while. I'll keep doing this though, because you should all read more blogs.