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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

John McSame on Iraq

John McSame and the RNC are whining that the DNC is unfairly characterizing McSame's position on the Iraq war. I'm loving it, because if anything needs more media scrutiny in this country, it's John McSame's Iraq policy.

The short story is this; McCain has said, on several occasions, that a troop presence of 100 or more years in Iraq, similar to US troops in Korea, is acceptable and desireable to him. He offers the caveat that this is only his policy if US troops aren't sustaining casualties, and says that the DNC ad is unfairly mischaracterizing his (immorally inconsistent) position.

But here's the rub. McSame won't leave until we quell the violence, during which time our troops will continue to be attacked and suffer casualties. So he supports an open ended occupation suffering casualties, until the violence stops, and then a 100 year committment following that. But he refuses to say how long he's willing to stay until we reduce the violence. 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? If he's elected and 3 years from now Iraq is where it is today, would he consider withdrawing? Of course not. All that he says is that we can't withdraw. And so the DNC ad is more than fair. If anything, it doesn't go far enough in pointing out the complete lack of strategic thinking on McSame's part.

Click "There's more..." for an excellent TPM TV video explaining the pie fight.