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Thursday, May 01, 2008

You Should Read Blogs

One of the (many) things that the younger members of the Drexel Dems tease me about is my constant exhorting to read political blogs to stay informed. The immediate follow up to my appeals is always "Well which ones should I read?" and the answer, of course, is whichever ones you want to.

But it's not always easy to figure that out. I understand that the tangled mess of blogs can be daunting to a newcomer, so here's one of what will probably be an intermittent series of blogs worth reading.

My four daily must reads are, in no particular order, Atrios, TalkingPointsMemo, DailyKos, and Matt Yglesias.

These four blogs are the heavy hitters, and I also find the views (of Kos, Josh Marshall, Atrios, and Yglesias) to be the most astute and reasoned amongst the A-list bloggers.

You don't need to read every word of them but they're easy to skim daily to stay on top of things.

I'd also add that there are some blogs that are fairly well known but that are completely disreputable, in my opinion. MyDD, Corrente Wire, and Taylor Marsh have proven themselves to be completely lacking in any degree of thoughtful analysis (with the caveat that MyDD is a diary blog, so this is a generalization) and insight. Corrente and Taylor Marsh have devolved into such unhinged Clinton shills that it's almost amusing to watch.

I'll share some of my favorite smaller blogs in the not to distant future, but go explore yourself, starting from the blogrolls of the four I linked above.

Click "There's more..." for a few blogs that you should be reading, and why I like them.