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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Election Night Roundup

Most people know that the West Virginia primary was tonight, and I arrived home just in time to see most of Clinton's speech. I had turned on MSNBC for literally about 3 seconds before I heard Clinton make a desperate appeal for money ("Please go to and pay off my debt!"). There are also another couple races to watch tonight though. Scott Kleeb, a netroots favorite from Nebraska is running against a right wing Democrat in the primary, and Travis Childers is running for congress in a special election in MS-01, a deep Republican district.

Clinton is on track to win WV by about 2-1, which will net here fewer than a dozen delegates, and no, that doesn't make a difference. Kleeb looks on track to win as well.

The only nailbiter tonight is MS-01. Bush won there in 2004 by 62% to 37%. There are 40 Republican held districts that are less Republican than MS-01, so a loss here means even bigger trouble for the GOP in the fall. Even if Childers loses, the NRCC spent $1.3 million to defend this seat, which they can barely afford. They certainly can't afford to defend all of their vulnerable seats that way. And this is on the heels of the Republican's losing two consecutive special elections in deep red districts, to Democrats Bill Foster and Don Cazayoux.

DailyKos is tracking all three races tonight, so enjoy!

Oh, and John McCain is apparently succumbing to the pressure of the McCain Energy policy Watch, as he unveiled a vague and unsubstantial climate change speech and platform today, promising to unveil his energy policy in a couple weeks. Clearly John McCain reads our blog! John, please don't run your campaign like a douchebag.

[UPDATED] Childers (D) wins the race in MS-01! Tim Russert just called it a "seismic" result. Bush and his enablers in congress fucked the Republican brand for a generation.