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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Company They Keep

I have managed throughout this long election season so far to avoid ridiculing some of the crazier anti-Obama elements out there on the internet, as they really don't deserve attention. Stupid is fair game, but people who aren't playing with a full deck should be left to play by themselves. This item, however, has become such a parody of itself that I can't resist.

The long and short of it is that about a year ago some guy with a 27 year long record of criminal activity recorded a YouTube video alleging that he and Obama had gay sex and did cocaine in a limousine. Some of the less well grounded Clinton supporters and right wingers have made him a cause célèbre, despite his failing polygraphs, his inability to provide any evidence, and his long history of criminal activity and deceit.

This guy held a press conference last week to try to get some attention for himself, and was arrested on an outstanding warrant. John Cole hilariously predicted that some idiots would blame Obama for silencing him; enter No Quarter, the De facto home of the nastiest and most racist anti-Obama partisans that know how to use a computer.

Kos highlights John Cole's mocking of a "Webster G. Tarpley" who has declared Sinclair a political prisoner. This his been rightly laughed at, but I haven't seen anyone else point out yet that Webster G. Tarpley is a 9/11 Truther and once ran for senate on the LaRouche platform.

Larry Johnson, proprietor of No Quarter and formerly a well read if not well respected voice in the blogosphere, has sunk to front paging 9/11 truther who claims that Obama had Sinclair arrested? Can this sink no further?

I'm beginning to think that Johnson isn't some kind of pro-Obama black flag operation himself after all...