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Friday, January 11, 2008

Vote Clusterfuck '08!

Michigan has the stupid (in my view) open primary system where any voter can vote in any primary, regardless of party affiliation, which lends itself to efforts like the following.

Kos is proposing that since the Democratic primary in Michigan is meaningless (Obama and Edwards aren't on the ballot because MI defied the national party and moved their primary ahead), MI Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary.

The logic is as simple as it is beautiful.

  • The Democratic primary is meaningless.

  • There are 3 or 4 viable Republican candidates right now who represent competing interests in the Republican party.

  • Romney needs a win in MI more than any of the other candidates to stay in the race.

  • Romney has more money than God, and as long as he's viable he'll spend that money on negative ads against the other Republicans, and they will also.

  • It is in the interest of the Democratic party for the Republicans to keep attacking each other, and have their nomination fight go on long and stay nasty (last nights GOP debate was ugly).

  • Therefore a vote for Romney in Michigan is a vote for a Republican clusterfuck.

I hereby throw my meager support behind this effort! If any Drexel Democrats have Democratic friends or family in Michagan, please let them know and encourage them to vote for Romney instead of throwing their vote away.

Clusterfuck '08!