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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Scott asks whether or not the latest episode of "John McCain and the lobbyists that love him" will penetrate the media's mancrush on the elderly senator from Arizona. Survey says... no.

Sure it would be nice if the fact that the man who supposedly gives McCain economic credibility was until a month ago a registered lobbyist for UBS and advised McCain's approach to the bailout WHILE A LOBBYIST FOR UBS was noticed by more than Keith Olbermann and the bloggers. But hey, if it worked like that we might not have 150,000 troops in Iraq right now. If it's not broke, why fix it? Right?

Similarly, Illan Goldberg at Democracy Arsenal implores said press for a reality check.
"Seriously, rather then just reading the speech one might consider the fact that this is a man who has actually called for kicking Russia out of the G8 and even in the speech yesterday continued to call for national missile defense - something that would greatly damage any possibility for cooperation with Russia. A man who has a long history of saying belligerent things about allies and foes. A man who has joked about bombing Iran. A man who voted against ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. A man who has a long record of showing a penchant for using military force. A man who with this type of history would be unlikely to achieve any of the main goals he seems to lay out in the speech."

Finally, just 12 hours from now will mark 400 days since McCain officially declared his candidacy for President, and he still doesn't have an energy policy.