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Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday Weekend Blogging

I hope all of you had as pleasant a weekend as I did. Blogging was light, as the weather was wonderful and the BBQ's frequent. So here are some quick hits that you may have missed as you remembered our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day.

Sen. Clinton's most absurd spokesman floated a laughingly preposterous "compromise" to the MI/FL situation.

Some FOX news flack jokes about killing Osama AND Obama. HA!

Paul Krugman is having a hard time adjusting to presumptive nominee Obama.

Duncan once again points out that no one listens to him, but he's always right. He's a regular Cassandra over there.

On the off chance you missed the Libertarian Party convention this weekend you should know that former Republican congressman Bob Barr was nominated, beating out Mike Gravel and several also-rans. I have to dissent from Oliver's suggestion that we donate money to his campaign. As much as I'd like Barr to Nader McCain, I think Obama won't need the help, and there are plenty of other blue candidates who need the money.

Finally, there are a number of dead-ender Clinton supporters in their last throes, which I'm going to save for a seperate post.

See you at the Drexel Dems cookout this Sunday!