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Friday, June 06, 2008

McCain/Clinton '08?

Stop shuddering, it's not going to happen. But it's an interesting thought. With all the Clinton supporters who insist they would never vote for Obama over McCain, McCain/Clinton could possibly be a dream ticket. It would make very little sense since they disagree on most issues of policy, but to the "Change vs. Experience" crowd, they are placed in the same bucket. And in a way, McCain has little to lose if he extends the offer; as "trojan8080" points out in a comment on McCain's campaign blog, "If she says no, John McCain will look like the guy that really works across party lines."

But really, it's not going to happen. Otherwise, we're in serious trouble.

For now, most of our trouble lies in the steady stream of Clinton supporters defecting to McCain. But seriously, ClintonsForMcCain...what the hell are you thinking?

I think "elycee" puts it best in another comment on the McCain blog: "So, because Hilary lost...You are willing to sacrifice everything she has worked all her life to achieve. Her platforms are identical to Obama's. If you are ready for Roe V Wade to be overturned, the wealthiest [A]mericans to get the largest tax cuts....then carry on."

So what about Obama/Clinton?

Could they put aside the bitter rivalry that has grown between them this season? Sure they could; most of the mudslinging in the primaries is just for show. After all, they're already chatting it up in Diane Feinstein's living room. To me, something about it feels utterly unnatural at this point, but who knows how we'll feel after a few weeks when our primary wounds heal? With Obama's guiding vision of hope and Clinton's experience to back him up, they could easily defeat McCain in the fall. After all, all the women and black voters added together surely outnumber the old white men...if you insist on simplifying everything down into demographics as the pundits are so fond of doing this season.

We'll probably have quite a bit more time to agonize and speculate before the running mate is chosen. It's surely a tough decision to make for Obama. Running mates need chemistry; Obama and Edwards certainly would have made a dynamic duo, but Edwards has definitely ruled out that possibility. Obama/Richardson could also be a powerful pair, and would help him with his weakness in the Latino vote...then there's Jim Webb...Wesley Clark...or Kathleen Sebelius...Ed Rendell (I'm still surprised by that idea)...or maybe a Republican?!

Enough with the speculating. Walter Mondale has it right, suggesting Clinton supporters pull back from "even appearance of campaigning for the No. 2 spot," because it may complicate Obama's decision.

“I think it’s best he just be left alone,” Mr. Mondale said.

It's been a long 5 months of primaries, and even longer campaigning, and the poor man is tired. Just give him a break and let him make a decision in peace.