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Monday, June 02, 2008

On To McSame?

The internet is abuzz with rumor that tomorrow will bring the end of this unending primary. Hopefully we Democrats can shut down the circular firing squad after she concedes. I think that the nature of the blogosphere has echoed and amplified divisions between Clinton supporters and Obama supporters that don't exist nearly to the same degree in real life.

I'm hopeful that Clinton will work as vigorously for Obama as she did for herself. I'm not naive, and I expect a diminishingly small number of people to take their ball and go home, declaring their support for McCain becuase Clinton "was robbed." I also expect Fox News and the Republicans to try to give those people as large a platform as possible to sow division between Democrats.

Oh look here...

Here's that same fine Democrat expressing herself at the RBC meeting on Saturday.

It seems a little arrogant of me, a 23 year old college student, to call someone like her who has so much more life experience naive, and yet I can't help it. I can't relate to how strongly or how personally she identifies with and supports Hillary, but I can point out that she is making entirely specious arguments in support of Clinton. Furthermore, she is apparently without perspective of the issues at stake in an election between John McSame and Barack Obama. Hopefully she will take a deep breath and make the right call in November. I don't think that this will cost Obama New York in the fall though.