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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things That Make My Ears Bleed

Focus groups that ask undecided voters "who would you rather carry the American flag at the Olympics?"

That focus group was conducted for the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania, which as far as I'm concerned is minus 10 points for U Penn.

One of the most personally frustrating things about politics is how the views of the most ignorant Americans are elevated and legitimized in our discourse. People who say things like the following shouldn't be provided such a platform.
"I don't trust Osama ... Obama. It's only a letter difference," said Charles, the Hillary backer. "His middle name is Hussein." Observed Terry, the female Bush voter: "I don't feel he's a true American."
Yes, I recognize that understanding the perceptions of such "undecided voters" is important to the campaigns, but I resent that it makes news. I don't mind politicos talking about it, but when it makes it into the cable news/talking head circuit, it only serves to repeat and reinforce such ridiculousness.

We're in for several very long months with pollsters and pundits asking some very stupid questions that indulge the biases and ignorance of a small part of the electorate.