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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fox News Doocy-bags

This would be shocking if it were any other organization than Fox "News." The clowns at Fox and Friends have some kind of beef with two employees of the New York Times, reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe. So Doocy and the gang call them names while pictures of the two show on screen, but not just any pictures. Pictures that were distorted to embarrass Steinberg and Reddicliffe.

This wasn't playful photoshopping, it was deliberatly intended to decieve the audience and make Steinberg and Reddicliffe look awful. I find this so much more offensive than Janet Jackson's nipple, but the public only owns the airwaves. Steinberg and Reddicliffe probably have grounds for a suit, but if you play with pigs, you both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

Check it out.

Giving a Jewish guy a big nose and yellow teeth as an especially nice touch. Good work Fox News.

Here's the full clip, courtesy of Media Matters.

These Doocy-bags put the ass in embarrassing.