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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Energy For America

The Obama campaign has a new website, New Energy For America, that contrasts Obama's and McCain's energy plans on a number of specific issues. Good for them for hitting McCain with this. Obama's forward looking and McCain's rearward looking energy plans highlight the two men and their two campaigns as succintly as any issue out there.
Furthermore, I love that the core behind the critique is a serious difference over serious policy matters. McCain and Republicans are trying hard to obfuscate the differences and create artificial hot-button issues (Guns, Rev. Wright). I'm proud to support a candidate who thinks he can win by convincing the American people not that his opponent is evil, but that his own ideas are better for the country. The college Republicans are noticeably silent about substantive differences between the candidates.

We'll do our best to educate students here at Drexel about the differences. We're planning two or three issue based events/debates for the fall term, and energy policy will certainly be the focus of the first.

Stay tuned for those, and in the meantime, educate yourself and your friends.