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Monday, January 29, 2007

Meetings Now on Mondays

Next Meeting:
Monday, Jan. 29th @ 7pm
3rd Floor, Ross Commons

According to the responses I got, it seems that Monday is a better day for everyone. So from now on we will be meeting on Mondays. If you have not had time to respond to my last email but would like to run for a position in the organization it is not too late! We will be holding elections this Monday, January 29th, on the Third Floor of Ross Commons at 7:00. So even if you are not interested in running for a position I ask that everyone please show up to this meeting, we need your votes! For those who did not make the last meeting we will go over our goals for the year again as well. If you are running for a position but can not make the meeting on Monday, I ask that you respond to this email with a little summary of what position you want and how you feel you can be successful at that position, as well as any ideas you may have for the future.
So again I hope to see everyone at the meeting on Monday, especially those of you who are running for a position! Thanks guys!

-Sean Miller