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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Great Success!

Well guys we did it!!

Its been an amazing 24 hours for Democrats, topped off today by Rumsfelds resignation. We can definitely sleep well tonight with a smile on our face knowing we did great. The Democrats took control of the House and it for sure seems that we took control of the Senate as well. Here in Pennsylvania we were able to kick Santorum out of office by 18%, and Rendell won by 20%. Although Lois Murphy did not win, Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak were able to win which is awesome. For anyone who needs a quick laugh...

Next Meeting:
Thursday, Nov. 16th @ 7pm
3rd Floor, Ross Commons

No meeting this week but the next one will be important. We will begin to really strengthen and improve the organization. Look for another email about the meeting soon. Thanks again guys for all your help these past 7 weeks, it definitely was worth it!